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Butler Business Products is your ONE STOP SHOP, single service provider of Office Supplies, Graphic Design & Printing, Promotional Products, Wearable’s, Furniture, Technology, Shelving, Warehousing, Cleaning & Break room, Kitchen & Dining, Exceeds GREEN Initiatives, Kitting & Assembly and Just IN Time Delivery.

Butler Office Supplies

Office Supplies

Get the tailor made office supply solutions you need! We offer over 26,000 products for all your office supply needs that are ready to be delivered at a moment’s notice.


Butler Office Supplies

Office Furniture

Whether you are relocating, expanding or simply upgrading, Butler Business Products can provide First Class Business Interiors Décor with First Class Service!


Butler Office Supplies

Educational Supplies

From the classroom to the principal’s office, we have all the products you need for your K-12 school! We currently serve school districts throughout the Greater Houston Area...

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Butler Office Supplies

Technology & Printing Supplies

Butler Business Products is your source for technology devices, peripherals and accessories. Whether you are replacing outdated computers, or simply replacing empty cartridges...

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Butler Cleaning & Breakroom Supplies

Cleaning & Breakroom Supplies

More than just staples! At Butler Business Products, we have all of your cleaning and break room products including chemicals, paper goods, snacks and beverages.

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Butler Cleaning & Breakroom Supplies

Office Coffee Service

We are proud to present to our new PapaNicholas Office Coffee Service program. We can now provide your offices with a premium coffee service that includes a free brewer.

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Butler Cleaning & Breakroom Supplies

Promotional Products

Everything is a billboard! If you can imagine it, we can put your logo on it. Pens, hats, mugs, shirts and many more items could be used to promote your business!

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Butler Cleaning & Breakroom Supplies

Design & Print Solutions

Why settle for some copy shop clip art design? From business cards and brochures to signs and banners, we can design and print everything you need to promote your business!

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Latest Blog

The Year of the Chair, Part 2

We began this conversation by discussing, how important your office chair is to your over-all well-being and health.   As promised, here are some indicators that you may have bad posture or a bad chair from Clear Design’s, “ How the Wrong Houston Office Chair Will Ruin Your Workday”.

Loss of Concentration
It is hard to concentrate on doing your job when you are uncomfortable at your desk. The wrong office chair does not give you the proper support you need to keep your back, neck, arms and shoulders aligned in a comfortable position. This can lead to stabbing pains between your shoulder blades, a crick in your neck and a pulsating ache in your lower back that keep you from concentrating on the job at hand.

Office Workplace Injuries
Poorly designed office chairs cause some of the most common injuries in the workplace. Carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain and spinal problems can all be linked to office chairs that are not doing their job to support your body. Nothing will ruin your workday quicker than needing to leave to visit the doctor for a workplace injury. It is also a very expensive alternative to investing in ergonomic office chairs that can prevent many of these workplace injuries.”

Time Missed From Work
Is your office chair making you sick? While it may not give you the flu, an uncomfortable chair can lead to aches and pains that keep you awake at night. Before you know it, you are feeling tired and rundown, leaving you susceptible to illness. Having the wrong office chair can lead to more time missed from work, costing much more in benefits and lost productivity than the purchase of a new office chair.

It is becoming more and more excepted in the workplace that bad sitting posture and bad chairs put unnecessary strain on the lower back muscles, causing pain that can become chronic if not treated. This has helped to spark the emergence of the stand-up desk and other ergonomic workplace innovations. In a 2009 interview with British news and editorial website INDEPENDENT, Dr. John Challenor of the Society of Occupational Medicine suggests “Most organizations should assess their employees' workstations and be able to advise whether they are set up correctly. If they are not, it can cause visual, muscular or skeletal strain.”

"A chair adjusted for a 4ft 9in employee will not work for a 6ft tall employee," Challenor says. The best posture is to sit back in your chair, not perched at the front, with your back and shoulders supported by the back of the chair. It is imperative that you find out how to adjust your chair to maximize comfort. At Butler Business Products, we have a specialist who will come evaluate your chairs, desks and usage, while recommending changes to make your business day more comfortable and healthy. We offer this service free of charge for groups of 5 or more employees.  Feel free to contact us today to schedule your Ergonomics Class! Until then, stay tuned for the next update during which we will provide some solutions to bad posture and show you how to pick the right chair.

Brew Satisfaction For You and Your Employees

Brew Satisfaction For You and Your Employees

A Keurig® brewing system in the office doesn't only change the way employees drink coffee — it keeps your employees satisfied and productive throughout the workday

Here's why a Keurig® Brewer makes everyday a little better...

Offering your employees gourmet coffee shows you care about their satisfaction. With over 200 varieties of K-Cup® packs, including coffee, tea and more, everyone in your office can brew what they love. And it means less mess and cleanup for you. It's the ultimate win-win.

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